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A new home for Hello, Sweet Tooth!

June 29, 2009

Hello, Sweet Tooth recently resided over at and I have to say it was not a very good experience.  Uploading images was frustraing, and for some reason the html was always screwed up.  So, after a year of battling it out with Blogger, and many suggestions from friends later, I’ve moved my blog over to  And they didn’t even pay me to say that.  Hopefully, this much easier format will allow me to update the goings on of Sweet Tooth of the Tiger more frequently, as well as have a more immediate platform to discuss such interests as the intersection of food, culture, and art.

As you may already know, I’m the founder and administrator of Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, a bake sale project based in Brooklyn.  I’ve been facilitating the bake sale for the past year at art and culture events at locations such as Exit Art, Smack Mellon, DCTV,, The Last Supper Festival, Design Trust for Public Space, at which I baked all kind of goodies and sold them for cheap to the public.  In the process of hauling baked goods to galleries and public spaces, I began developing ideas about the social practice of eating, the effects of sugar on the body, hyperactivity as a catalyst for action, circulating capital in the arts, and other stuff like the role of the arts administrator in a recession and new artist economies.  I’ve been involved with wonderful arts groups like FEAST (Funding Emerging Arts with Sustainable Tactics), InCUBATE (Institutie for Community Understanding between Art and The Everyday, based in Chicago), the Last Supper Festival (an annual interdiscplinary event that examines the connections between art, food, and culture), and others.  I just graduated from NYU with a Master’s in Visual Culture Theory, and during my two years there, researched all of the aforementioned issues, with my thesis title ending up as “Feed Me: Participatory Art, Food as a Medium and the Shifting Politics of Collaborative Practice in an Economic Collapse” (yes, that is a mouthful.  Pun intended).

So, I find myself continuing these efforts now, launching new projects, such as CAKE WALK (, but more about that later.  Oh!  I also devloped the Bake Sale Residency for Artists this past January, which is off to a gentle start, as I have no funding for the project, but I’m nurturing it as well as I can.  So far, The Residency has been host to four different bakers, the first being Frankie Martin (my sweet little pal who is embarking on BIKE USA, a bike and comedy and art tour down the coast of Cali, in two days on July 2nd) at Secret Project Robot.  Then, about 4 months later, ha!, Shulie Seidler-Feller, a photographer that is working on a portrait project portraying herself as different generations of women in her family, was the resident baker at an event at Smack Mellon.  The night after Shulie’s bake sale was a double-teamed bake sale at an event sponsored by the Renegade Craft Fair at Huckleberry Bar in Brooklyn.  The event featured the amazing baked goods of Sanam Aarabi and Jessica Reed.  I will be posting interviews and pictures of all of them shortly on this blog.

Perhaps that’s enough of an inroduction for now.  I hope to be writing regular updates weekly, so stay tuned!

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